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Archon Energy is a renewable energy and energy efficiency development company. We have assembled a team of specialists in their field to help advance the latest innovations in Clean Energy Technologies.

We are dedicated to helping utilities, businesses, and consumers improve their bottom line while reducing their environmental footprint. We accomplish this by playing an instrumental role in helping them transition to the next generation of energy infrastructure.

We are also uniquely positioned to help technology developers expand their market awareness and reach. With our growing sales force of experienced, passionate energy professionals, and our extensive network of end user contacts, we can help your company get the word out about your technology and sell your product. if your company has an innovative renewable energy or energy efficiency technology or product, call or email us today to start a conversation.

And we're always looking for good people to join our team. If you have a background in sales, marketing, business development, engineering, energy efficiency, or renewable energy project management, email us your resume today.

The time to cut our carbon emissions and increase the presence of all renewable energy technologies is now. Let's work together for a better future and let's get started today.


Archon Energy has recently partnered with some of California’s leading firms in to utilize all incentives available, provide the most competitive pricing and highest return energy investments to the industry. We can help make your business more profitable and sustainable.   

Energy Efficiency Audits
An energy efficiency audit is a critical step towards further understanding how energy is being used or wasted and how you can take control your future. This analysis defines and analyzes energy efficiency measures for the purpose of developing a factual basis for budgeting capital projects.   

Project Implementation and Management
Archon and our partners have extensive experience with energy efficiency and construction management and can assist your organization seamlessly implement building and equipment upgrades by serving as an owner’s representative.

Green Building Certifications
Archon and our partners will assist your company, non-profit or government agency in obtain a green building certification such as LEED, Energy Star or other certifications. 

Energy Brokers
Archon and our partners broker energy and have the ability to procure energy from alternative suppliers at lower rates.  Energy Deregulation allows businesses to shop around for their electricity and natural gas to find lower rates than their local utility charges, sometimes by 25% or more. 

Utility Bill Analysis
Commercial utility bills often contain overcharges and billing errors that almost always go undetected.  Anytime a change is made in operations or ownership, utilities should be checked for unnecessary cost increases.  Professional utility bill analysis verifies that all charges, meter reads and taxes are correct, and that you are on the correct rate plan for future savings.

Demand Response
Archon and our partners have extensive expertise in designing and implementing effective Demand Response (DR) strategies to earn income. By enrolling in a demand response program, organizations can earn economic incentives by reducing their electricity load at times when the grid is under stress.