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Home Owner Registration

Registration for a Title 24 inspection is necessary for permit closure on your open building permit.
Please use the form below to begin the registration process.

home owner inspection agreement

You, as the customer, and owner of the inspection location identified below, hereby agree to:

Have an Archon Energy Solutions inspector perform inspection services. You will allow the inspector to have full access to your home, including but not limited to all rooms, spaces, and equipment at the inspection location, as requested by the inspector, to allow the inspector to complete the inspection and perform the services;

Allow the inspector to share information obtained during the placement of the order for the inspection or during the inspection with the California Energy Commission, or any government agency or its affiliated parties with whom the sharing of the information is required (a) to achieve compliance with Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, (b) to obtain any permits requested, as identified above, (c) to obtain a Home Energy Score, or (d) to obtain a rebate authorized by the governing utility company.

This inspection and the services provided by Archon Energy Solutions are subject to Archon’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In addition to viewing them at the time of the execution of this consent and may be viewed at any time on this website.

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