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What to expect on a T24 HERS Test inspection

You may have just been contacted or scheduled by a member of our team. We are here to help you finalize the installation process! 

You’re probably wondering what to expect during the inspection. Title 24 (H.E.R.S), which stands for Home Energy Rating Systems, is an inspection required by the state of California, and must be performed anytime alterations have been made to your heating or air conditioning equipment.

On the day of the inspection, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly inspectors. We will arrive in a marked company vehicle, and dressed wearing a company uniform – logos on our shoe covers and all!

Depending on the age and size of the home, what was installed, and the location of your residence, will all play a factor in the inspections we perform. We can spend as little as 30 minutes, and in some cases 2 hours.

What to expect on a T24 HERS inspection

Identification Badge

Clearly labeled identification badge located on their shirt for additional verification, and peace of mind. Once we enter the home, our inspector will first need access to the new heating or air conditioning equipment, to verify the model and serial numbers. We politely ask that our technicians are allowed access to the attic, and crawl spaces of the home as it helps us to provide the most accurate inspection possible.

There are 3 common tests
that we perform during a HERS test inspection

Duct Leakage Testing – Air Flow Verification – Refrigerant Charge Verification

Not every home will require all 3 tests to be performed. There are several factors that can determine what testing needs to be completed. If you don’t need all 3 tests performed, don’t be alarmed. Common reasons you won’t need testing might include: what type of equipment was installed, geographical location of your home, potential asbestos, and the time of year.

Duct Leakage Testing

H.E.R.S. Inspection

If you have a Duct Leakage Test scheduled, our inspector will require access to all air vents in the home, this is so they can be covered up for a pressure test. The purpose of Duct Leakage Testing is to effectively measure how much air is leaking from the ducting system into areas you don’t want it heating or cooling. The state allowed leakage varies depending on the age, and location of the ducting system.

Refrigerant charge verification

H.E.R.S. Inspection

Refrigerant Charge Verification, is a test on the air conditioning system. This measurement verifies the equipment has been charged properly, and meets the manufacture specifications. 

Air Flow Verification

H.E.R.S. Inspection
Air Flow Verification is a measurement to verify that there is enough air being pulled through the system. The state allowance varies depending on the size of the equipment.

Wow, this seems like a lot

Remember, this is all for your peace of mind as a consumer, and you can thank your
contractor for making sure they care about their client’s investment!

Once all the required tests have been completed on your home, our field inspector will provide their report to our office coordinators for data processing. Our field inspectors are unable to provide inspection results at the time of inspection. Once the report has been processed, if any corrections are necessary, your installing contractor will be notified. 

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, our team is more than happy to help!

Do you know your Home Energy Score?

No cost assessments are only valid in the 9 Bayren participating counties, make sure to ask your inspector during our visit!