Permit Services

Dedicated team of permit coordinators

At Archon Energy Solutions, we understand how critical it is that permits are tracked vigilantly, processed quickly, and ensuring a project is completed in a timely manner. In addition to offering our testing services, we can also handle all of your permit service needs.

Our amazing team of permit coordinators have you covered. Pulling a permit has never been easier! All projects entered into the Archon compass, provides the ability to have us physically collect the necessary building permit, anywhere you need it. Need a business license? We will process that too!

Permit Services

Providing contractors convenience and savings by utilizing our permit division,
along with our Archon Compass™ platform. 


From simple change outs to full cut-ins, our team has the experience necessary to provide fast results when you need it most.


Tankless, storage, and even solar water heaters are no problem for our coordinators.



No array is too big or small. Ground mounted to traditional roof installations, our solar strategy has our clients happy. Our team has a system in place that will relieve your permit headaches.

Are you aware of your
open permits?

Complete permit closure is often overlooked / See how we can help.

Building permits that are left open for months or even years after project completion, can cause a major headache.

Building departments, and even city ordinances can create a hurdle for a home-owner to sell or even begin new projects on their home if an open permit still exists. The customer ultimately comes to you for resolve which can cost money or worse, negative publicity.

Tired of dealing with all
the red-tape mess?

Our company has not only developed a successful strategy for effectively pulling permits. Our team of permit coordinators are well experienced in almost every building department throughout California. From decibel calculations to site plans, we have the resources to obtain even the most difficult permits.

With the Archon Compass, our team has robust tools that allow us to pull your building permit with confidence, reduced errors, and wasted time. Beyond our system, every permit coordinator drives a company vehicle equipped with a complete mobile office, allowing important documents from your staff to be printed as necessary.

Finalizing permits
reduce future headache

Due to ever changing building codes, some municipalities even force the installing contractor to bring the project into alignment with current codes once an old permit is re-issued. Additionally, any air conditioning rebates are withheld until proof of closure is disclosed. This can greatly impact the customer experience when their rebate takes longer than expected.

We can help you with this too! 

Our team has developed a successful process that eliminates the headaches caused by lingering permits.

During our site visit, we will facilitate the scheduling of the building department

This brief dialogue with your client allows us to explain the process of the permit closure, set the appointment, and alert your
team of any specific requests required by the governing building department (IE ladders etc) and ultimately a follow up with the
client to ensure the permit was signed off.

Additionally, if any potential failures or concerns are disclosed, you will be instantly notified.