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Why do you need title 24 testing?

H.E.R.S (Home Energy Rating Systems)

Title 24 (H.E.R.S) inspections are an important part of the permit process. The testing performed is to ensure compliance of the energy code standards. Our service is a state requirement set by the California Energy Commission (CEC) as a quality assurance tool for homeowners. Our company provides over 12000 inspections per year, so you can be rest assured you have a knowledgable and professional inspection on every visit. We have been a licensed entity performing third party Title 24 inspection services for companies across Northern and Southern California since 2010. Archon Energy Solutions is committed to giving homeowners peace-of-mind on the investment they have made on their new heating and air conditioning equipment purchase.

Benefits of a Title 24 Inspection


Confirmation that your system is running at peak performance.​


Certificates generated will provide proof your home meets building code standards for California.​


Low duct leakage improves indoor air quality and comfort.​


Reliability factor improves, minimizing future repairs.


Higher quality installations are required in order to pass testing.

Energy Savings - learn from the pros

Home Energy Score .

Did you know our team of inspectors are Home Energy Score certified? The benefits from a Home Energy Score are many, and will teach you more about the energy features specific to your home. Included with this score are custom recommendations that can improve efficiency, air quality, and indoor comfort.
Currently, specific counties of Northern California are offering Home Energy Scores at a reduced cost.

Interested in understanding the energy features of a home?

Energy Assessment

What Happens During a Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment?
An energy assessment in general is a test of the entire home for wasted energy. We search inside and out for inefficiencies and safety concerns using advanced equipment and testing techniques.

Tools your Auditor might use


Blower Door


Infrared Imaging


Duct Blaster




Flow Hood


Specializing in Title 24 field compliance verifications, rebate driven home
performance energy assessments, and permit running services.
Our team has accomplished over 100,000 verified inspections since 2010. 

Title 24

Residential & Commercial duct Leakage Testing | Refrigerant Charge Testing | Air-Balancing | Airflow Testing | Fan Efficacy


Providing contractors convenience, and savings by utilizing our permit technicians, along with our Archon Compass™ platform.

home energy

Developed by the U.S. Department of Energy scores on a scale of 1-10 based on the home’s envelope, and major energy systems.


BPI Advanced | Basic Path Rebate Program BayREN Rebate Specialists | SMUD Rebates

home energy score


Home Energy Score is an easy way to see how energy efficient your home is compared to other homes. See if your home sips or guzzles energy.

On a straightforward 1 to 10 scale, you’ll learn how much energy your home, or a home you are considering purchasing, is expected to use, and you’ll receive suggestions for home efficiency and comfort improvements.

t24 hers inspection


H.E.R.S / Title 24 testing and what to expect from our site visit.

There are 3 common tests that we perform during a H.E.R.S. inspection.

1. Duct Leakage Testing,
2. Air Flow Verification,
3. Refrigerant Charge Verification,

application forms

Home Energy Score
Application form


Home Score is a standardized method for quickly assessing a home’s envelope, and major energy systems. The rating, developed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), on a house is comparable to the MPG rating on a car.

CHEERS Homeowner

If you’re needing to have your home inspected and your contractor left it up to you, register with CHEERS to speed up your turn around time on paperwork.

rebate programs

Current rebates of $5,000 or more available

Participating contractors who complete a thorough energy assessment of your home using special diagnostic equipment to determine exactly where your home is wasting energy. Then, through energy modeling software, can assess the potential energy savings associated with recommended improvements.