Archon Compass

Our team strives to provide all of our clients with the most enjoyable experience possible.

Creating a centralized platform to facilitate an organized, and structured system is paramount. So, the Archon Compass was engineered.

This proprietary management system allows your entire team full access
to some truly amazing and powerful features, benefits include:

Efficient scheduling with an
interactive calendar

Displays active inspections and their current status.


Detailed inspection photos on all tests performed. In the event
of an audit or customer concerns arise, our team has
you covered.


Conveniently reference any invoice, past or present. Ease of
payment online for all services we provide.

Installation Analytics

See how your team is doing with their successes and failures
on every project.

Multiple User Interface

Keep track of your team. Historical data on all actions
performed within our platform will help prevent users
from making critical mistakes.

Powerful document organization tools

Access to rebate, permit, and inspection documentation is
available at any time, on any media platform you desire.

Automated project management tools

Keeping your company notified at every critical event
during the lifespan of a project.

Access to the Archon Compass
is included for all active clients

Many additional features, and continuous upgrades to our platform provides reliability that is unrivaled!
Ready to give your team the tools for success?
Schedule a visit from our team for a demonstration of our system!